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Entrepreneurship Sports Generation



ESG Q : What is ESG?

ESG A : Unemployment has emerged as the most pressing challenge confronting the world today! We need to create over a billion jobs on the planet in the next decade.  The sole panacea to this problem is entrepreneurship as one of the biggest drivers of job creation. An Ernst & Young study recently concluded that entrepreneurs create new jobs twice as fast as established companies. Inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation will be key to building a safe, secure, equitable, sustainable and prosperous future.

In this vein, Entrepreneurship Sports Generation (ESG) is envisioned as a movement that aims to make entrepreneurship the new heartbeat of the world. The main feature of this global movement would be a sportified entrepreneurship competition. ESG will seek to provide the most promising startups with a platform to unleash their potential, and achieve global scale. ESG will also engage global audiences throughout this incredible journey with a proprietary investment simulation game and regular audience polls, like never before.

ESG Q: Can any enterprise apply for ESG 2020 participation? 

ESG A : The ESG will focus on Startups and Social Enterprises that are below 7 years of age. 

ESG Q: What is the minimum age requirement for participating in ESG 2020?

ESG A : There is no age restriction for Idea Track. However for the Venture and Social tracks the minimum age requirement is 18  more. 

ESG Q: Is there any Application fee?

ESG A : There is no application fee. ESG is completely free to apply for and participate in any form for anyone across the globe.

ESG Q : What rewards/prizes can I expect from the ESG if I get selected?

ESG A : You will be notified of rewards/prizes at each stage of the competition, if selected.

ESG Q: How many members per startup are called to the ESG Competition Rounds (CIty/National/Confederation/Global), if selected? 

ESG A: Firstly, please note that ESG 2020 will  be a virtual event, so no travel or physical presence is required. Only one person (the Founder/Co-founder) can represent the company in the various competition rounds. However, we encourage other team members to participate in the investment game and other elements of ESG. 

ESG Q : Is ESG open in my country? 

ESG A : Yes, we accept applications from anyone from anywhere in the world.

ESG Q : How do I know if my city has a team?

ESG A : We will create city teams for all major entrepreneurship ecosystems across the globe as well as other cities where we have a number of startups applying. The final city team announcements will be made in October.

ESG Q: What if my City is not hosting a city final?

ESG A: You will be made part of the closest city draft and team.

ESG Q: What if my Country is not hosting a national final?

ESG A: You will be made part of the closest pre-confederation team pool.

ESG Q: When will the ESG Global Finals be held, and where? 

ESG A : The ESG 2020 Global Finals will be held virtually, tentatively on December 05, 2020.

ESG Q: Can I apply in a language other than English?

ESG A : The ESG Application form can only be filled in English. 

ESG Q: Will the competitions be held in English at all levels?

ESG A: The official language for the competition is English.

ESG Q: What are the advantages and benefits of applying to ESG to access potential investors & capital?

ESG A : Participants will have the opportunity to connect and network with Investors, Incubators, Accelerators, and other founders from all across the world. Participants may catch the eyes of investors and receive multiple investment offers. In addition, there will also be exclusive prizes for winners at each tier of the competition, to be announced once that round has commenced. 

ESG Q: Does applying to the ESG offer additional expansion benefits?

ESG A: Yes, finalists and winners at each stage of the competition will have access to a global ESG Ecosystem of partners who will support you with investment, access to markets, mentorship and other facets of the business.

ESG Q: What are the market benefits of applying to the ESG?

ESG A : ESG provides participants a platform to connect with partners anywhere on the globe.

ESG Q: What are the knowledge and network benefits of applying to the ESG?

ESG A : ESG Applicants will have access to our global network via Slack, content, resources and mentorship on the ESG platform. Finalists at all stages will gain access to ESG Ecosystem and upcoming events. 

ESG Q: Can multi-company founders, some existing for more than 7 years, participate in ESG 2020?

ESG A :Yes, If they have any active company that is less than 7 years of registration from the date of global finals.


ESG Q : I am not an entrepreneur or representing a startup. How can I participate?

ESG A : We welcome anyone to join the action by watching the live events throughout the tournament! Our audience members have the chance to participate and play in their own way through the exciting ESG Investment Simulation Game and to support their favourite team by voting in the audience poll during all live events.

ESG Q : How can I support my city team?

ESG A : You can support your city team by boosting the ESG social media campaigns, and by participating in the Live Audience Polls and/or playing Investment Simulation Game.